Where Little Minds Blossom

Where Play Meets Learning

Home-like Environment

We pride ourselves on creating a home-like environment that fosters warmth, security, and comfort, making learning feel as natural and nurturing as being at home.

Best Safety And Security

We ensure the highest standards of safety and security through state-of-the-art technology and strict protocols, creating a secure and nurturing environment for our students to thrive.

Quality And Qualified Staff

our commitment to quality education is reflected through our team of highly qualified staff, each rigorously selected for their expertise, passion for teaching, and dedication to fostering an enriching learning environment for every student.

Play To Learn Environment

Our “Play to Learn” environment merges interactive activities with educational content, fostering creativity and a love for learning in every student.

Learn To Play, Converse With Confidence!

At Kaduna Cambridge Academy, our ethos “Learn to Play, Converse with Confidence!” highlights our dedication to nurturing both academic and social skills through vibrant, interactive learning. We foster creativity and teamwork through playful activities, simultaneously emphasizing the development of strong conversational abilities. Our approach ensures students grow into articulate, confident individuals, ready to express themselves effectively in any scenario.

Providing Best Classes

Toddler Programs

Our toddler programs are carefully crafted to stimulate early development through interactive play, foundational learning, and social interaction in a nurturing environment.


Lower Cambridge Primary

Our Cambridge Lower Primary Program at Kaduna Cambridge Academy offers a comprehensive foundation in English, Mathematics, and Science, using interactive and hands-on learning methods to engage and prepare young learners aged 5 to 7 for future academic success.


Preschool Programs

Our Preschool Program at Kaduna Cambridge Academy offers a holistic blend of cognitive, social, and emotional development, preparing children for future academic success through interactive and structured learning activities.


Tahfizul Al’Quran Programs

Our Tahfizul Quran Program at Kaduna Cambridge Academy meticulously prepares young minds for local and international Quranic competitions through a focused curriculum on memorization, understanding, and mastery of Tajweed, guided by experienced instructors.


Kindergarten Class

Our kindergarten curriculum seamlessly blends Montessori methods with traditional educational practices to create a stimulating, diverse, and nurturing environment that supports the cognitive, social, and emotional development of young learners.


Training Center

Kaduna Cambridge Academy Training Center, in partnership with the Canadian Center for Intrinsic Education and Training and Muyikaratu Educational Foundation, offers advanced training in languages, digital skills, and essential soft and hard skills. This collaboration enriches our curriculum, providing a dynamic learning environment that equips professionals for global success.


Parents Words Are The Key To Happy Kids

“As a parent, I can confidently say that Kaduna Cambridge Academy provides a great learning environment that is both enriching and supportive, truly allowing our children to thrive academically and socially.”

Engnr. Ibrahim

“The teachers at Kaduna Cambridge Academy are not only highly qualified but also incredibly friendly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that enhances our children’s learning experience.”

Mr. Kassa

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